Whilst at Vir we spoke with the watermaker guy and he can apparently do the repairs on Friday. It being only Wednesday we figured we could get to Sukosan for Wednesday evening, visit Zadar on Thursday morning and be in Murter for Thursday night, in pole position to get into the Marina Hramina on Friday! Sounds like a plan.

And it worked! We were back in Sukosan on Wednesday and on Thursday morning took the tender ashore and an Uber into Zadar !!!

The old town of Zadar was laid out by the Romans back in 59BC, then called Ladera, and the Roman street layout remains. The old town was built on a peninsula of land which sheltered an inlet which quickly became an easily defensible port.

We were reminded of Trogir, but instead of the original Venetian stone work the buildings were mainly rendered and painted. There was lots of evidence of the Roman origins of the town with the ‘Forum’, or what’s left of it, being foremost. It was used as a quarry in the building of the nearby church.

Alongside the Forum is an early Medieval church from the 9th century. Originally dedicated to the Holy Trinity it was renamed for the bishop, St Donatus, who reputedly built it in the 9th Century.

The foundations have now been exposed and reveals the extent to which the old Roman ruins were repurposed into constructing the church!

Right next to the Forum were two more recent pieces of, I suppose, modern art. Now I am not a fan of modern art, but these two installations were quite cool. First was the Sea Organ. Basically a series of openings have been built into steps at one end of the old quayside, when the waves hit the quay air is forced through the holes and varying musical tones result. Like blowing across the necks of bottles with differing levels of fluid in them. Really, really cool.

The next was the Sun Salutation. I was imagining some sort of yoga themed thing, but it is basically solar panels which store enough energy during the day to light lamps in the display in the evening! Probably quite cool as well but we only saw the solar panels, we were in Murter by the time the lights came on!

Zadar was a real mixture of the ancient and the modern, which actually worked. We only had a few hours in the morning and so missed such attractions as climbing the Cathederal Bell tower in favour of lunch. Priorities!

And by 1 pm it was time to get back on board and set off to Murter!

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